On the menu, Flovie’s signature items include the tender Chinese BBQ Cha Sui Pulled Pork with Eggs Benedict served with a vibrant orange Mandarin hollandaise, panfried mandou (Chinese steamed bun), fresh cucumber and fried shallots. Another crowd pleaser is our Chorizo Egg Scramble. Made with Spanish chorizo, aioli yogurt, chipotle raisin relish, coriander, parmesan and served on toasted sourdough. We would also like to introduce our new Spicy Seafood Risotto, the ultimate winter warmer. Served with baby octopus, mussels, prawns, bonito flakes and fresh garden herbs.

For those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, look no further than the decadent Flovie Black Forest Hotcakes served with a tart cherry compote, chocolate creme anglaise, cherry chocolate ganache, mascarpone chantilly and chocolate soil. If there’s still room for more the golden French Toast Casserole with coconut puree, coconut crumb, fresh berries, vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup and butterfly pea essence caviar is a sure to be favourite.

Drinks menu carries Flovie’s floral theme such as the Rose Tea Latte with roasted pistachio and coconut milk and Butterfly Pea Latte with vanilla, sea salt and soy milk.

Other must-try drinks include Flovie’s unique ‘perfume’ mocktails named after Disney films – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Frozen, topped with edible flowers in the ice cube and served with mineral water filled perfume bottles and potion bottles containing 100% natural floral extracts which customers can pour into their drinks.